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Why Covalent "Nano" Silver vs. Colloidal Silver and other market alternatives?  

The Immune-Stimulus Covalent "Nano" Silver  was found to be one of the most effective and versatile silver solutions available due to its unique oxygen delivery system.  This alone  distinguishes it from other products. 

In laboratoroy tests, Covalent "Nano" Silver Solution has shown to kill a myriad of disease causing pathogens.  Disease causing pathogens are presumed to be hypoxic (oxygen starved) and have a single negative charged electron.

Through a proprietary process, nano size silver particles (measured in billionths) are held in permanent suspension, attracts numerous oxygen molecules and forms a covalent bond.  Nano size particles allow for high absorption capacity of oxygen from the blood into tissues.

At the cellular level, numerous positively charged Covalent Silver clusters +++ come in contact with a disease causing pathogen(negative charge) and implodes the pathogenic organism upon contact as large amounts of oxygen are released into the cell.  

The silver atoms act purely as the carrier of oxygen to the cells assisting to mitigate disease causing pathogens at the cellular level while leaving healthy cells in tact. 

Colloidal silver particles are much larger and measured in millionths (ppm).  Due to larger particle size, colloidal silver products are held in temporary vs. permanent suspension, do not possess the unique oxygen delivery characteristics of Covalent "Nano" Silver nor work at the cellular level. 

Immune-Stimulus Covalent "Nano" Silver is available in concentrate form only to allow the user to meet their individual needs for different dilutions and uses. Customer who use Covalent "Nano" Silver concentrate range from maintaining health and wellness to incorporating or exploring alternative approaches to fighting disease.

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"Nano" size silver particles attract numerous oxygen molecules and forms a covalent bond. Covalent silver atoms have numerous positive charged electrons

Numerous positively charged Covalent Silver clusters+++ come in contact with a disease causing organism(negatively charged) and implodes the pathogonic organism upon contact as large amounts of oxygen are released into the diseased cell.

Disease causing microorganisms have a single negative charged electron.  Silver atoms act as the carrier of oxygen to the cells.  Disease causing microorganisms are presumed to be hypoxic, meaning oxygen starved.

Basic premise is that disease cannot live in an oxygenated environment.  Nano size particles allow forhigh absorption capacity of oxygen from the blood into tissues.  silver atoms penetrate the cell membranes.  Disease causing microorganisms are eliminated at the cellular level while leaving cells intact.

                                           ATTRIBUTES OF COVALENT "NANO" SILVER 

*Experimental mineral product providing nutritional support
*Immune- Stimulus Covalent "Nano" Silver is only available in concentrate form allowing for   different dilutions and uses by each user
*Helps to stimulate the immune response allowing the body to heal itself
*Natural antibiotic, anti septic and anti microbial
*Provides a drug free, non toxic and easy to use alternative to antibiotics that is safe and effective
*Does not interfere/react with other drugs
*Normal flora bacteria are left in tact
*Enhances cellular oxygen levels through a unique oxygen delivery system
*Increases the rate of efficiency to fight germs promoting natural healing
*Absorption rate is faster on an empty stomach
**Stimulates the immune system to heal itself and combat numerous diseases; bacteria, viruses, molds and fungus. 
*Nano size particles are held in permanent suspension


It should be made clear from the outset, modern technology has stepped in and reduced the silver particles to "nano" size.  (One billionth of a meter).  There is a distinction between conventional Colloidal Silver and Immune-Stimulus Covalent "Nano" Silver Solution.

Colloidal Silver can not be absorbed into the bloodstream and cells because its particles are many times larger than the Immune-Stimulus Covalent "Nano" Silver Solution particles:

*Covalent "Nano" Silver is now permanently suspended by covalent fusion (UCLA and Southwest Labs)
*The Silver Atom is held in permanent suspension by the covalent bond of many Oxygen Atoms to a single Silver Atom.
*The orbiting electrons of a single Silver Atom wrap around the Oxygen Atom as the Hydrogen Atoms are being separated during the reaction.  The Silver Solution can then be ingested like any nutrient through the intestinal wall.  This minute particle can travel in the blood stream, penetrate cell membranes (without damaging the cell) and eliminate disease-causing microorganisms at the cellular level.  The elimination process occurs when silver; positive charged electrons make contact with a disease-causing micro-organism, negative charged electron (single).  The micro-organism (parasite) implodes on contact with the Immune-Stimulus Covalent "Nano" Solution.

                                                 FACTS ABOUT COLLOIDAL SILVER WATER

*Particles are too large to enter the blood stream through normal ingestion processes.
*It is a colloid by static bonding and will fall out of suspension.
*It often has approximately 3-5 days shelf life.
*“Argyria” is a potentially permanent side effect from excess consumption of colloidal silver as deposition of silver salts in the skin cause a permanent blue to bronze/gray discoloration of the skin and mucosa that is darker in regions exposed to UV light.  Argyria is an extremely rare occurrence and is seldom harmful; it is generally caused by the excessive consumption of home made colloidal silver or colloidal silver protein.  (Immune-Stimulus Covalent Solution does not cause Argyria or any harmful side effects, and you are unable to overdose from its beneficial properties.)

Colloidal Silver has been with us for more than 2000 years.  Historically it's germ fighting abilities have been utilized to fight a myriad of diseases.  It's recent progression to Covalent Silver has been classified by many as "miraculous".

COLLOIDAL SILVER:  Temporary suspension
IMMUNE-STIMULUS COVALENT SILVER SOLUTION: Atomically permanent suspension.


The following question was asked of Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, one of the world's most respected Alternative Therapy doctors.

Q.  I read your article about colloidal silver the other day.  What makes it better at fighting infection than antibiotics?

JVW:  "Although germs have three vulnerable targets, any single antibiotic can attack only one of them at a time:  (1) the germ's outer membrane, (2) its internal components, or (3) its delicate gene pool. When a germ becomes resistant to an antibiotic, it has learned how to fortify the specific target that the antibiotic attacks.  You're have to take several antibiotics to attack all of the germ's targets simultaneously.

But silver attacks all three of the germ's vulnerable targets at once.  First, the silver ions easily rupture a germ's outer membrane when present in the right amounts, causing the germ's vital internal components to be exposed in the bloodstream to our white blood cells.  While the white blood cells attack the internal components, the silver continues to destroy these vital internal components by cutting up vital enzymes.

The silver ions then easily attack the germ's third vulnerable target: its delicate gene pool.  Silver ions have the ability to reach into the nucleus of the germ, where its gene pool in located.  Once they combine with the genes, the genes become paralyzed, and the germ cannot replicate itself!"


"Colloidal" Silver is an age-old natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-biotic with no reported harmful side effects, that can relieve an incredible number of infections and diseases.  It has no interactions with allopathic or natural medication and supplements. 

Silver is not new as a disinfectant.  It has been around since the dawn of time; the Druid's lined their drinking bottles with the metal for the disinfecting and sanitation of their water.  The Egyptians used silver as a thin beaten paper-like product and wrapped it around wounds.  It is well documented that the ancient Greeks knew the medical value of silver.  It was observed that those ancient families ate from silver utensils, rarely were sick and had few infections.  This knowledge passed on to kings, emperors, sultans and their families and members of their royal courts.  They ate from silver plates, drank from silver cups, used silver utensils and stored their food in silver containers.  As a result of this use, silver was ever so slightly rubbed off and mixed in their food, and hence they had little chance of getting any infectious illness.

The royals were called "Blue Bloods" because their skin had a blue tint, due to the accumulation of minute traces of true metallic silver.  The common red-blooded folk, however, ate from earthenware dishes with iron utensils and frequently were sick, whilst the royals enjoyed freedom from infectious disease as early as from birth.  There are many historical references of Colloidal Silver. One of the most complete is published in "the Lancet" dated December 12, 1914.

The soldiers of the Confederate Army in the war between the North and the South were known to swallow a real silver dollar. This was believed to ward off all main types of infectious bacteria as the soldiers were sometimes in water up to their necks with serious gaping wounds.  Many of them believed they escaped serious illnesses by the ingestion of a silver dollar.

Until almost 1970 it was common usage for scientists to put a silver dime in a petri dish to sterilize the dish.  Silver was long used for plates for the surgical repair of bones.  Colloidal silver was known at the turn of the century as an invaluable medicine.  This article is accurate, and is recommended to readers who wish to experience for themselves, the many benefits that this effective and powerful product affords.

It has never shown any harmful side effects, and cannot be claimed as a heavy metal.                                      ______________________________________________




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